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Success stories

Something’s always afoot at the SHARKGROUP! Roles and responsibilities change a lot over time, along with the employees.

We are so proud so many employees have been part of our group for so many years. It has shown how different and varied careers can be. What all these different stories have in common is their flexibility, team spirit and huge commitment.

We are proactive in helping our employees develop their careers and themselves and work with them to find the most suitable path for them and the SHARKGROUP.

We are delighted to show you some success stories here. Maybe you’ll have a similar story to tell one day?


An all-all-all-rounder

Rahel Bachmann

Rahel’s success story, which hopefully is not over yet! Her 360° knowledge of all aspects of internal sales, purchasing and our ERP system makes her one of our most ...


IT specialist

Karin Schmidt

Karin has cross-departmental, sound company knowledge that can only be built up over many years. She is another flexible Sharky who has already proven her extraordinary ...


Managing director

Janine Heberle

Janine probably holds the distinction of having one of the longest careers at SHARKGROUP. Over the years, she has developed a huge amount of passion ...



Romana Bruhin

We had long been mulling over the idea of running a programme to train up promising junior staff so they can take on demanding areas of responsibility ...

An all-all-rounder – Rahel Bachmann

A success story, which hopefully will not end for a long time! Her 360° knowledge of internal sales, purchasing and not least our ERP system makes her one of our most stable and at the same time most flexible pillars at SHARKGROUP. No other Sharky has had as many job changes as Rahel.
Starting in the sales office as a commercial all-rounder, she has taken care of accounts payable and receivable and helped in marketing, in addition to customer service, quotation and order entry. When we were commissioned by our partner company with the special project "Move Direct Handling Warehouse" to Tuggen, she definitely discovered her "love" for profiles and skirting boards. For over a month, it meant sorting out every single profile in the entire, completely chaotically managed, warehouse and sending them to Tuggen in cleaned-up pallets - we can guarantee, any other person would have run away. But it was exactly this hard experience that finally brought Rahel into quality control and purchasing. She took over the department, which did not exist until then, and built it up step by step. At the same time, she trained as a purchasing specialist and successfully passed her exams. At the end of 2018, she moved back to sales as Head of Internal Sales, where she was mainly responsible for the orders of the for the companies partner companies Direct Handling and enia. For us, it was very quickly clear that only Rahel would be considered for this position. She was involved in the introduction of the ERP system from the very beginning, knows all the processes in the sales office and has the necessary understanding of price calculation due to her purchasing background. She quickly developed into a competent contact person and optimized all processes together with her new team in the internal sales department.

Rahel Bachmann
Thomas Gut

EDV Profi - Karin Schmidt

Cross-departmental, in-depth corporate knowledge that can only be built up over many years. Karin Schmidt is another flexible sharky who has already been able to prove her exceptional commitment in many areas of responsibility. She found her calling in the EDP department of the SHARKGROUP.
In 2011, Karin started as a commercial all-rounder and thus, as she says herself, slipped into the SHARKGROUP. With customer service, quotation and order entry, accounts payable and accounts receivable as well as tasks in marketing, Karin threw the office and built up an extensive, cross-departmental knowledge. In 2012, she introduced her first IT project, which she had actively assisted in programming. At that time, she had no idea what focus IT / EDP would have in her future job. In 2013, Karin was able to take off with enia in parallel to her existing area of responsibility. She took over customer service, quotation and order processing as well as purchasing and store maintenance. She also represented SHARKGROUP as a group of companies at trade fairs and roadshows in Switzerland and Germany.
At some point, it was no longer possible to fit all of this under one hat or into a "normal" working day. Karin got support and was able to dedicate herself more and more to IT projects and topics. With her previous knowledge and affinity for IT together with her extensive knowledge of the company, she has built up her own IT department step by step and has already successfully completed several monster projects.

A managing director with a passion – Janine Heberle

Janine has probably had one of the longest careers at SHARKGROUP. Over the years, she has developed not only an enormous amount of knowledge, but also a great deal of heart and soul, and today she is an important member of the management team.
In 2007 Janine joined SHARKGROUP AG as a management assistant as well as support in projects, marketing and human resources. The fact that at the beginning it was not quite clear what work Janine would be taking on was probably soon forgotten, because then, as now, there was always a lot to do! With a lot of bite, she had to fight her way through her first main task, the filing of all trademarks and patents. But already then she realized that she wanted to grow together with the company and build something big!
Janine worked on the day-to-day business, which was outsourced to us especially by the partner companies Profloor and Direct Handling, and soon exciting projects like the implementation of a new Profloor homepage, the implementation of the CAVUM profile for an American customer or the organization of international trade fairs came up. In parallel, she successfully completed numerous training courses over the years in the areas of social security, human resources management, photography, graphics, marketing, image editing and most recently leadership.
Janine has always been integrated in building the team and in management decisions. In 2017, this was only made official with the role of Deputy Executive Director. The fact that the office space, which was very generously enlarged in 2009 and 2019, filled up more and more is probably also largely due to Janine and illustrates her career.

Karin Schmidt
Janine Heberle

Trainee programme – Romana Bruhin

It had been in the back of our minds for a long time - to make strong junior staff fit for challenging areas of responsibility at SHARKGROUP AG with a trainee program. It was immediately launched after an exciting interview.
In September 2019, Romana Bruhin, the first trainee, started at SHARKGROUP AG. During one year, all departments from marketing, purchasing, internal sales, EDP and project management are passed through. The 12-month rotation program offers the unique opportunity to build up a comprehensive knowledge of the processes, procedures, products and systems and to understand the interrelationships and networks. Likewise, the insight into the various companies and divisions of the SHARKGROUP, the changing activities and the direct contact with internal and external customers, can be used to get to know one's own strengths and areas of development.
Upon completion of the program, the foundation is laid for the next career step. Based on the needs of SHARKGROUP AG and the interests and talents of the trainee, the next step is determined together.
The goal of the program is to develop curious and creative graduates into specialists, project managers or leaders who will continue to enrich SHARKGROUP with innovative ideas and successfully drive it forward in the future.

Romana Bruhin

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