The SHARK Management System – or SMS for short

The perfect interaction between nine companies requires clearly defined processes and well-functioning structures. This results in synergies, competitive advantages and strengths, which benefit our customers. The SHARKGROUP has therefore used the SMS for several years – with considerable success. The SMS primarily focuses on the efficient organisation of internal processes and clear guidelines. This not only involves providing general information and policies but also permanently striving for progress as those who want to lead must never rest on their laurels: product training, continual improvement processes and our SHARKnet play a key role in this regard and aim to permanently improve the group’s performance. 

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Product training

  • Learn from the best

  • Unique structure of expertise

  • Versatile and multi-faceted training


  • Two ideas per employee per week

  • Identify and utilise potential for improvement

  • Mutual inspiration


  • Company-specific software applications

  • Tasks and progress documented

  • Interactive interaction

Product training

The SHARKGROUP offers everything flooring-related. In addition to excellent products, we also believe in the importance of expertise. Our employees are genuine flooring professionals – sought-after specialists and authorities in their field. They have developed the products from scratch, set new market standards and played a significant part in shaping the industry. Learning from their knowledge and benefiting from their experience enables us to establish a unique level of expertise. Seeing how much passion is invested in the products not only provides plenty of new insights but also motivation and a great team spirit. We support and develop our employees with both regular, intensive product training sessions and spontaneous, ad hoc courses. In addition to presentations, we work with memorable images, product samples, short stories and experiments to convey the extensive information in an entertaining manner. The great effort is definitely worthwhile as only the best can sufficiently assist and advise our customers.


This term, which first came to Switzerland in the 1980s within the scope of the Japanese concept of kaizen, is heard with increasing frequency and characterises the continuous improvement of product, process and service quality. We take the concept of continual improvement processes literally and integrate them into our everyday work. As such, we try to improve that little bit more every single day. In concrete terms, this means that every employee comes up with at least two ideas or suggestions for improvement every single week – known as CIPs. These are regularly discussed in department meetings and quickly implemented. By taking this approach, we have found a highly effective way for the group to constantly remain attentive, reveal and eliminate potential areas of weakness and even discuss and integrate brand new input. It is amazing to see that even after weeks, months and years, new opportunities for improvement are constantly presenting themselves. Our employees inspire one another, making them the best consultants that a company could possibly wish for!

Another constantly present asset is our SHARKnet. This software application has been precisely programmed and tailored to our business needs and special processes. It gives transparency to everyday business processes, projects and tasks, enabling them to be constantly monitored and worked on by the relevant employees. It brings together the tasks of office-based and field staff in a single system and documents individual steps. It makes communication between teams in different locations far more efficient.

This interactive cooperation between the individual employees and teams results in a lower error rate, enhanced quality and valuable savings of both time and money. A new SHARKnet version is currently being programmed, which will once again raise project management activities and internal communication to a new level.

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