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SHARKGROUP AG attaches great importance to high quality infrastructure and modern workplaces. Due to the growth of the company and the expansion of cooperation with new companies that have joined the group, we have also been able to expand significantly in terms of space. The current figures of the SHARKGROUP group of companies leave us amazed ourselves:



Administrative space



Development space



Warehousing space



Daycare facilities for dogs

Most of our offices are in Uster, where we have been located at Wermatswilerstrasse 8 since December 1999. However, we have developed a great deal over the years. Our premises now include large showrooms, break rooms and state-of-the-art offices. Workstations for our 35 employees are spread over four floors.

With the conversion in 2019 and the additional area of over 300 m², we were able to realize a small dream. In addition to the modern office space, a showroom has finally found its place within our own walls. In this exhibition, in cooperation with our partner company enia flooring international ag, the enia collections are impressively presented and thus the assortment around the numerous design and surface innovations mediated by us, among others, can finally be experienced up close! The skirting world of our partner company Direct Handling will also be on display, providing an insight into the extensive range of products from alunox to contego and aquilex.

Break room
Interaction is important to the SHARKGROUP AG. With so many new employees, we ran out of space in the old kitchen and now have a big, new break room with enough seats for everyone and a kitchen that has been designed for the growing team. We head to the lounge area for our morning coffee break and play table football after lunch.

Dog lawn
According to psychologists, dogs have a positive effect on working environments. Here at the SHARKGROUP AG, we can confirm this. Our four-legged team members can play and run around together on a large green space – and even enjoy a heated little house on cold days. And because we know that our little darlings are well taken care of, here in the office, we can relax and work on the SHARKGROUP’s success.

We are passionate about innovative product development. We bring excitement to the market with genuine innovations and need the right infrastructure to do so. In addition to our product development team, we also have our own laboratory in Uster. In a quiet position, in what we endearingly know as the cereal castle, products can be precisely tested and quality standards monitored.

At our partner company Profloor AG, painters and the flooring trade can conveniently pick up the complete range of tools, brushes and rollers, machines and profiles, and fashionable workwear on site. The four flooring professionals in the store, which will be enlarged and rebuilt at the beginning of 2020, look forward to your visit.

Nine companies, different and wide-ranging product assortments - this requires a considerable warehouse. In addition to the storage areas in Uster, SHARKGROUP as a group of companies has additional extensive external storage areas in Tuggen, Uznach and Aulendorf, Germany.

The complete stock range of our partner companies can be delivered within 24/48 hours. With Wespe Transport AG and Emons Spedition GmbH we have competent partners who reliably deliver our assortment.

Playing our part in sustainability
The SHARKGROUP’s commitment to the environment does not just extend to the working environment. We have generated solar power since 2016 and therefore help to protect the environment. The SMA Energy system generates 29,800 kWh per year. That is more electricity than used by the entire commercial building. The intelligent control systems ensure that the solar energy is optimally used and feed the excess electricity into the grid. This prevents the creation of approx. 21 tonnes of CO2 every year. This form of power generation is a green alternative that fits well with the philosophy of making optimum use of resources and constantly improving the SHARK

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