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Supporting others

Companies have both an economic role and a social one. As such, the SHARKGROUP consciously supports charitable associations and provides sponsorship. Our membership in various associations and organisations gives us ideal networks and ensures a cross-border exchange of information.



BodenSchweiz is the leading association of Swiss specialist shops for linoleum, special floor coverings, carpet and parquet flooring. It upholds and promotes the technical, economic and moral interests of its members in particular as well as the reputation of the profession. BodenSchweiz is an association in the classical sense and operates on a non-profit basis.



Strength comes from working together. Swiss manufacturers, importers, retailers and layers of parquet flooring as well as suppliers of auxiliary materials and tools have therefore formed an association: the Interessengemeinschaft Schweizer Parkettmarkt (Swiss Parquet Market Interest Group – ISP).

The aim is to uphold and promote the joint interests of the members and the parquet sector as a whole.



Flooright, the cross-association information platform for the flooring industry, is committed to the wide dissemination of knowledge among tradespeople in German-speaking countries.

Flooright conducts industry-related research and presents its latest findings in a free newsletter and its detailed database. This gives users the latest information about state-of-the-art technology, standards and data sheets as well as useful tips and tricks – all professionally prepared and presented.



As a member of the Global Flooring Alliance (GFA), we have our ear to the global market.

For over 30 years, the organisation has promoted the active, cross-border exchange of information between select players in the flooring industry.
As a member, we are optimally networked with innovative companies in international markets in Europe and overseas. The SHARKGROUP uses this international exchange of information about detailed market structures, valuable market data and partnership-based discussions to offer its customers a needs-oriented and optimised range of products under market-appropriate conditions.



The Groupe romand des parqueteurs et poseurs de sols (GRPS) is a professional association of parquet and flooring installers in Western Switzerland. Its members also include cantonal groups and material suppliers (manufacturers of synthetic coverings, parquet, machines, adhesives, etc.).


It is a partnership that excites all mountain biking fans: since 2010, we have been supporting the successful SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing Team with Direct Handling and since 2021 as SHARKGROUP! The SCOTT-SRAM stars Nino Schurter, Kate Courtney, Lars Forster und Andri Frischknecht storm from success to to success under the guidance of mountain biking legend and team manager Thomas Frischknecht. SHARKGROUP Managing Director Moritz Mühlebach, himself a passionate mountain biker, has been friends with Thomas Frischknecht since childhood.



KM Sports Coaching
The coach Kurt Müller has been a passionate endurance athlete for over 30 years. He has fun and enjoys passing on his experience to motivated athletes. From beginners to professional athletes. His gift for analysing and assessing athletes enables him to create an optimal training programme in a joint introductory discussion, which takes into account individual life situations such as family, job and career.


Mountainbike Business Club

More and more sports and therefore more and more athletes are being professionally coordinated and coached. This requires trained coaches, support staff and accordingly a large financial outlay.

BikeUp has set itself the goal of supporting young athletes in the performance area of mountain biking. This is done with the help of personalities from the business world who, within the scope of their possibilities, help to further the development of young Swiss mountain bikers.

In addition to the financial support of the talents, contacts and relationships are cultivated and promoted within the club - personally and exclusively - on a bike tour or at a selected event.




Tischlein deck dich

In December 2023 we supported Tischlein Deck with a generous amount.

Tischlein deck dich saves food from destruction and distributes it to people affected by poverty throughout Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Every week, we reach about 31,400 people in need at our 151 distribution points. In this way, we make a socially meaningful and ecologically sustainable contribution to a respectful approach to food.


Kinder Spitex Switzerland

Every December, we make a generous donation to a good cause on behalf of each and every one of our employees. In 2019 and 2020, we used this to support Kinder Spitex Switzerland.

Kinder Spitex performs important tasks like providing emergency assistance or care for children with disabilities and chronic diseases that are not covered by insurance companies. The donations are used for non-covered care services, additional work in crisis situations and cases of hardship where the insurance partners do not cover the costs.


Hörschatz - what else I wanted to tell you
In December 2021, we supported Hörschatz with a generous donation.

With an audio treasure, a very personal audio biography, parents who died at an early age leave their minor children a memory for life. In their own words and individual selection of episodes, palliative patients tell their families what is important to them, what should remain of them. An audio biography is an ode to life and loved ones before saying goodbye forever. The Hörschatz association provides audio biographies to affected families and organises the financing through donations and fundraising.




Actively responding to an important situation: for almost 20 years, SHARKPROJECT International has taken a purely voluntary role in the protection of sharks through global campaigns and activities with considerable success and impressive commitment. Sharks are essential for maintaining a balanced and healthy marine ecosystem. Here at the SHARKGROUP, we support this organisation out of conviction: within the scope of evolution, sharks have continually adapted and improved. They are fast, agile and strong. These are characteristics that the SHARKGROUP also sees in itself, so what could be more logical than helping to protect our ‘heraldic animal’.

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